For crying out loud

I’m very emotionally comprised right now.

PMS, Father’s Day and Boyfriend going out of town for 5 days longer than expected has really REALLY taken a toll on me.

I feel like I’m going crazy.
And he was supposed to come home today, but OF COURSE something happened and now it’s most likely he won’t.

I knew it would, whenever he goes up there there’s a problem with him getting home. Someone begs him not to, schedules some big event or activity that makes him stay. Now it’s leaving the keys in the ignition and the lights on the car all night resulting in a dead battery and naturally EVERYBODY ELSE is unavailable to give him a ride to the train. Uber doesn’t exist up there and apparently there’s 1 cab company that overcharges.
I know it was an accident, but there’s ALWAYS some problem when he goes to visit.

Sigh. Whatever.


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