Um yeah, I won!

This last weekend was my Pole Competition. I had my routine from last year’s recital, so it’s not like I was panicking, but still. With the family deaths, I wasn’t exactly rehearsing daily or even weekly. So I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to even place.
I modified my “big trick” to include a Remi Sit to add another level of difficulty, since I was entering as Level 1 which is like, the lowest level, I wanted to have something cool!
I also planned a dramatic surprise. I loaded my lips with a bright solid color and layered on some goopy gloss. Then, at a critical emotional moment, where I tapped into the sorrow, terror and loss I’ve been dealing with; I let my face break down, I started shaking and almost scream/crying. THEN I ran the back of my arm against my lips and smeared all that color across my face and down my arm. It looked like I was bleeding! And because nobody at my studio knew I was doing it, I got authentic gasps from the audience. It was very satisfying.

I nailed my big trick, but messed my ending up a little bit; but I wasn’t upset about it. I did exactly what I wanted to do. I took my judges and audience through an emotional journey. Whether they understood what emotions I was dancing or not, it doesn’t matter. They felt something.

I got 1st place! Technically I got a perfect score (they throw out the lowest and the highest, but I only got one 2nd place vote and 4 other 1st place votes so…yeah!) so that was amazing to see.


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