Oops, I’m Older

Yesterday was my 38th birthday, I’m not scared of my age because I haven’t felt anything but 17 since I turned 17. Which is strange.

I’m still really excitable about stuff that isn’t necessarily “grown-up”; example? My friends and I (including Boyfriend) went to a major Theme Park for my birthday, we took pictures with characters, rode tons of rides and had a terrific time! Even though it was pissing rain for hours. It was great!

My friend, Pretty, made the day more and more special with little surprises here and there. It was super fun!

No, I didn’t get engaged, but that’s ok. I think it’s coming. I recall having a sleepy conversation with Boyfriend this morning about it, and he told me “When the time is right”…but what does that mean???

Sigh. I also told him to please not make me a 40 year old first time bride…I just don’t think my ego could take it.
He laughed…a little too hard.


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