The Best Things

Yesterday, I decided it was MAKE THE COOKIES Day! I gathered all the ingredients, set up my tablet to Netflix and put on White Christmas; instantly in the Christmas mood!

Instead of barking at me to “turn it down” and trying to watch his own show on the living room TV, Boyfriend was content sitting on the couch with Puppy, listening to the movie as if it were radio and watching and chatting with me as I baked.

As I was sifting this and mixing that, my dance background pointed it’s toes and decided that now was the time to dip back into my Lindy Hop days. So when The Best Things Happen When You’re Dancing came on, I was bopping away!

After putting a batch of cookies in the oven, I turned and saw that Boyfriend had made his way in towards the kitchen. He extended his hand and started dancing with me. It was right then that he accidentally checked off a Secret Bucket List Item of mine, to have someone who loves me randomly pull me to him and dance, for no reason whatsoever.

He doesn’t really have rhythm, but Boyfriend most definitely has my heart.

Now, I’m definitely adding this song to our potential Wedding Dance song list.


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