It’s a miracle? Yeah, OK!

Right before Halloween, I got a call from Brother. I was expecting it because Faux had invited me to bring Puppy Trick or Treating with Baby and Chatty. So I knew there would be a pre-emptive “hey here’s what to expect from her this week” call from Brother about his wife.

But this time, Brother had a different kind of news for me. Apparently, Faux has come to the conclusion that she needs some counseling and maybe medication for her mood swings.

IT’S A MIRACLE! This is the break I have been wishing for Brother! He might not have to divorce Faux now! It sounds weird, but I really was hoping that Faux would actually discover her behavioral antics herself and realize that something’s off there and make moves to get some help.

And even just having the conversation with her husband, my Brother, is a massive step in the right direction!

I really hope it leads somewhere good, I want Brother and Baby to be able to be happy.


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