No Pants Zone again

With French Dude out of the house, it’s been nice.
That’s an understatement, it’s been LOVELY. The amount of dirty dishes have gone down by OVER half. Apparently French Dude didn’t believe in using the same glass throughout the day. Did I mention before that he ate cereal dry from a bowl? He didn’t like milk so he would pour himself a bowl of cereal, in a cereal bowl and eat it with a spoon. It was so weird. I tried to ask him to use a plastic bowl and then use that same one every day until I did the dishes, but he wouldn’t do it. Just another way to be a jerk, I suppose. With him in the house, I was having to do a load of dishes every single day. Which is not normal for our house! Unless Boyfriend cooks a big meal or I cook a something. We can go 2 or 3 days before the dishwasher is full. So having that going back to normal has been nice.

Another benefit is No Pants.
The other night, I woke up with a fright because THERE WAS A NAKED MAN IN MY ROOM! Not realizing it was Boyfriend for a split second, I FREAKED out and scared Puppy and made Boyfriend laugh. When I questioned him as to why he was naked already if he’d just got home he replied, “Because I was hot and I CAN! I took my clothes off in the living room when I walked in the door.”

To be honest, Boyfriend would be naked all the time everywhere if it wouldn’t get him arrested.


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