Finally had to tell Boyfriend that I’m at my limit with French Dude. I’m not comfortable in my own house and I’m not comfortable leaving the tiny dog alone with him.
He picks fights with me when Boyfriend isn’t around because (get THIS) he wants to break up with his heavier bodied girlfriend because he “doesn’t like her body” and date someone else and he’s frustrated. So he is rude to me in hopes I’ll scream at him, which I didn’t do,  then talks shit on me to Chef Boyfriend. He’s emotionally unstable and I flinch every time he opens the bedroom door.
I don’t care that it’s only 38 more days. I don’t want French Dude here 1 more day.
I told Boyfriend maybe French Dude can stay with one of his other French Interns at his work for the rest of his time here.
We let him into our home with the understanding that he would respect us and our home. He has given that understanding the middle finger, therefore I have zero problem tossing him out without refund to his mother. And by God, you bet I’m gonna tell her JUST THAT.


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