I get my house back!


I cannot emphasize enough how elated I am!

I was trying to plan a mid-late-September trip for Boyfriend and myself, so I asked French Dude when he was scheduled to leave. When he told me August 28th I nearly yipped with excitement!

He wasn’t supposed to go back to France until mid-September! Apparently he has some sort of oral report/presentation he has to do with some class or something and it’s causing him to have to leave early.

I tried really hard not to show that I was happy, but I’m sure I failed. I’m not the kind of person who has a Poker Face.

He’s had his moments when I haven’t hated him. But the majority of the time French Dude has been living with us, I’ve hated it. He’s rude, inconsiderate, lazy, and SO DULL.

After this last week, I’d decided to ignore him as much as possible. Made easier by him taking off Saturday afternoon (I did ask, “Are you going out?” and he grunted “Yeah” and took off) and not coming back until late Sunday night. No text to let either of us know that he was ok or that he would be staying somewhere. Granted, neither Boyfriend nor I texted him. Boyfriend really didn’t care, and I was irritated enough to notice that French Dude hadn’t let me know I’d have the house to myself all weekend; but not irritated enough to actually text him to see if he was still alive.

That’s what it’s come to. I don’t really like that about myself. But at least I can honestly say, I have the capacity to finally just ignore somebody if dealing with them just becomes too much of a hassle.

BUT YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY HE’S LEAVING EARLY!!! I’m seriously tempted to start running a countdown ticker.

And if he thinks he’s getting a ride to the airport, he’s dead wrong. If he asks, he’s going to get laughed out of the building.


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