French Crazy-Pants

Well, add one more thing to the list of French Dude’s Crazy-Pants status.

Remember Hipster Barista? Yeah, well that relationship went sour and fast. With French Dude having so much time on his hands, he built up the relationship in his mind and lost touch with reality a little bit. Hipster Barista ended things, they didn’t end well and French Dude was depressed for about a week.

He dated another girl, for two consecutive days. And she broke it off. (WELL DUH, he’s a bit intense!!)

Now he’s started dating another girl. However, Hipster Barista is still in the vicinity being as she works at the coffee house near French Dude’s work. Naturally, she talks to the other members of his Internship team. Friday she “happened” to mention to one of his co-workers that she has this boyfriend now suddenly. Of course it got back to French Dude and instead of ignoring it and forgetting about Hipster Barista, French Dude got into a text argument with her.

And here’s where he put on the Crazy-Pants.

French Dude threatened her. NOT PHYSICALLY and NOT SPECIFICALLY. But he threatened her. He told her if she didn’t stop with these “trying to make him suffer” actions (or something, it was very broken English) there would be “retaliations”. OHHHHHHH BOYYYYYY.

So of course she sent back that she would get a Restraining Order and sue HIM and the Company he’s interning for…When he told me that, the bells started to go off.

He broached the subject with me by saying, “I did something stupid, I want to talk to you about it.”

He wasn’t wrong and I told him as much.

After agreeing that he was very stupid to say anything to her, especially in writing and especially when he was angry, I told him that it might be ok because he was non-specific and he didn’t threaten her physically. But YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE I read him the RIOT ACT for threatening her AT ALL.

I told him that he should tell his boss the next time he saw him, to make sure that the Company knows that there’s a possibility that this Hipster Barista is looking for a big payday and they need to be on watch. And I told him that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should he text, talk, call, Skype, or SMOKE SIGNAL with this girl EVER. AGAIN.

He asked if he should mention this interaction on his new date that night…I nearly choked. Politely, I told him “Sure, go ahead. But you’ll look completely crazy and you’ll never see this new girl again.” From the look on his face, I think he decided not to tell her.

He texted me a few minutes ago with a picture of an alert the Tangoe App (some sort of communications app) sent him, that there was a “request” to add him as a contact from “Hipster Barista”.

I really hope he Ignores, Rejects, Blocks her.


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