And by “Trees” I mean “Yes.”

My closest friends and I have bunches of inside jokes. The majority stem from misquoted texts or random funny instances that caused giggle fits.

Pretty and I had another one today.

Pretty and I were having a text conversation regarding a video I’d pinned to our Pole boards, thinking it would be a good routine to incorporate for us both. Giving us each moves to inspire us and spins to request to learn.

Pretty asked if the routine was on the spinner pole, I said I believed it was but it could easily be adapted to static pole, (since Pretty isn’t comfortable on spinner yet), “don’t you think?”

To which Pretty replied, “Trees”

After wiping the tears from my eyes, I responded, “…That’s a different answer”

“And by Trees I mean yes” she clarified.

But it was too late. Now, whenever I want to say “yes” to something, I’m going to want to say “Trees”.


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