Silent time

I’m at my wits end at The Cubicle Farm.

Management and Trainers say they expect participation and questions whenever we have a meeting or a training, but when I ask a question or participate in a group discussion I get pulled aside later and told that I’m “disruptive” and that the “perception of my delivery” is bad.

So I’ve decided. I’m no longer speaking at the Cubicle Farm. If management or another worker wants or needs to discuss something with me, they can email me or message me. I’m done having my words twisted and misinterpreted.

I’ve put up signs stating my intention. Obviously there’s going to be some sort of query about it. I’ve already written down responses to expected questions.

“It’ll keep me out of trouble” “I can’t control perception. I CAN control is my mouth moves.”

I know it’s going dramatic. I know. But I’m proving a point.

They want me to be a mindless sheep, all the while, on the surface they are asking me (and all of us in the office) to be a Unicorn. To raise questions when we have them, to be advocates for ourselves and our customer. But then they punish me when I do just that, and try and make me feel bad and force me to morph myself into something I’m not. I do my job, I do it well. Frequently I go above and beyond, but it’s not enough for them. So at least for today, I’m done speaking.


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