I don’t care how old you are.

I just straight up yelled an an old man.

Standing in line at Del Taco, the old man in front of me started getting ornery with the staff. He kept insisting that he wanted a Quesadilla with Anaheim Green Chilis.
The gal asked, “the green sauce? Jalapenos?” “NO. ANAHEIM. GREEN. CHILIS” he started to yell, and POUND HIS FIST on the counter! I was appalled.

After he ordered, it was my turn. I could hear him talking smack to the guy behind me about how the “incompetent” worker was going to screw up his order.

I didn’t say anything.

His order was called, he opened the quesadilla up and started to shout AGAIN. I walked up quietly and asked “Sir, what is it you want? They don’t have ‘Anaheim Green Chilis”. They have red sauce, green sauce and jalapenos.” 

He was emphatic that ‘Anaheim Green Chils’ is what he ordered. I told him, “Yes, and they don’t have that here.” He looked dumbfounded and said “Well she should have told me!”
I looked him dead in the face and said “She did! You yelled at her and pounded your fist into the counter!” To which he turned away and went to sit down.

As my order was called, he came up AGAIN. THIS TIME with the courtesy condiment basket from one of the tables. It had all the sauces except the Mild Sauce.


I had had QUITE ENOUGH! I said, “Hey, it’s called SELF SERVICE. The sauces are RIGHT over here (I walked over to the condiment station and grabbed a handful of mild sauce) for you to get YOURSELF. Don’t you DARE yell at them, ANYMORE!” He couldn’t really respond.

My order was ready, I took my bags and the counter staff looked at me knowingly and said “Thank you so much”. I told her, “YOU can’t yell at him, but I CAN!” Then as I left, I shouted “YOU’RE JUST A MEAN OLD MAN” over my shoulder and got the hell out of there.

There’s a point where you give people respect, but merely being elderly does not give you the right to be COMPLETELY rude and awful to people. NO MATTER WHAT.


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