…Someone is getting comfortable

Last night, Boyfriend took my car to go take his sister’s boyfriend to the airport. Leaving French Dude and I alone for a few hours. Nothing new, happens all the time.

I was sitting in the living room, getting ready to paint my nails and French Dude came out, made himself a weird little sandwich and sat down to eat his dinner.

I was watching the show Face Off I had DVR’d from the night before. French Dude made a comment about wanting to watch “the hockey game”. I did my best not to show my annoyance, and asked what channel it was on. After a brief moment, we discovered that the channel the game was on is a basic cable channel, meaning it was available to watch on the regular TV like the one in French Dude’s bedroom.

When I told him so, French Dude stated that “Thees channelle iz naught wor-king” so we went to check. That was a lie. The channel works fine. He seemed genuinely surprised that the channel was available and had the game on. But still, it was weird.

As we came back from his room, I saw Puppy hunched over French Dude’s weird little sandwich!! She’d pulled it down off his plate and was nibbling at it. I scolded her and put her in “Time Out” in her crate. I rejoined French Dude in the living room for about 10 minutes, then got up to let Puppy out from her Time Out, I said “I’m gonna let her out”. When I got back? French Dude had changed the channel to the hockey game from my DVR’d show!!!

I hadn’t been gone 5 seconds! Not only that, but we’d established that he could watch the game in his room. I couldn’t help it, I got a bit mad.

I couldn’t contain my annoyance, I even yelled a little. He apologized and laughed nervously, saying that he thought I wasn’t coming back.

But no. He wanted to watch the game on the big TV in the living room, and he didn’t care that I’d gotten there first and was already watching something. I can’t help but feel like he’s just too comfortable and he’s getting that inconsiderate thing people get when they forget to about other people around them.

I’m really starting to think this is what having a child is like….EEEEEEEEESH!


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