Pretty Great!

Pretty has been taking Pole Classes with me, and she’s doing AWESOME!

Almost too awesome…I’m having a hard time NOT comparing myself to Pretty. I have to keep reminding myself that my body is different than her body and is the way it’s designed to be.

I’m so proud of her, she had two TWO major accomplishments last night. She successfully climbed up once and she managed to get one Juliette Spin after learning it that night. It wasn’t perfect, her legs were bent and her toes weren’t pointed, but she did it! There are girls in class that have been going for years who can’t do that spin!

I was able to refine my Juliette and figure out what was preventing me from getting more than one revolution. I wasn’t pushing my hips out and away enough; which is something I struggle with in other moves too. Part of it is my grip, part of it is my fear, part of it is dancer training. As a ballet, en pointe, tap or jazz dancer, it’s burned into our brainsto not lean out and away unless the move calls for it, and few do. The majority of the time, your body has to be straight and your carriage poised. It’s hard to transfer that to an apparatus like Pole.

Some moves on Pole require you to let gravity take you, for your body to hold and your carriage to engage but not work against gravity. It’s complicated, but once you can reconcile the two together, it’s really fun! Kicking out and getting massive amounts of revolutions is one of my favorite things; but it isn’t always that pretty or graceful to look at. Working on my Juliette Spin; getting my hips to follow my toe, out and around is a major improvement. Plus, it looks more effortless than kicking out as hard as you can and whipping back and spinning-spinning-spinning. Which, in Pole, is the thing you want to see.

Pretty also had her first experience in Free Dance at the end of class last week, so that meant she felt more comfortable dancing last night. I was in a different group, so I was able to watch. It was lovely, she’s still learning so she can’t execute the tricks she wants to when she wants to (I totally understand that frustration) but she is a FANTASTIC dancer. Just like I knew she would be.


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