How do I put this nicely?

French Dude needs to put the seat down. Or I’m not going to be held responsible for my actions.

There have been little things that French Dude has been doing that have driven me a little bit nuts.

Bless his heart, he tries. He unloads the dishwasher but doesn’t know where everything goes so sometimes he’s just unloading it onto the counter top or into random drawers and cabinets. Not a big deal but when I’m craving Mac N Cheese and can’t find the colander? That could end in blood shed.

I’ve asked him to stop putting his shampoo and body wash upside down in the shower. I scrubbed that tub within an inch of my manicure; I want it to remain as pristine as possible for as long as possible. He keeps turning them upside down. They leak like crazy and I have to clean it up.

He’s very nice, I promise he’s really nice. But he’s also very 22 years old. He doesn’t really seem to understand that if he’s bored? He needs to entertain himself. He has figured out the bus system, and also that it sucks and takes a long time. So he’s not really that keen on bus-ing it on his non-internship days. But that means he’s spending a lot of time on my couch or outside on the patio smoking.

He’ll ask me things that he could Google, he’ll interrupt me when I’m in the middle of something.

IS THIS WHAT HAVING A CHILD IS LIKE????I feel like it might be!

I like French Dude, I really do! He makes me laugh and I love to tease him like a little brother.

But if he doesn’t start leaving the seat down for me, I may have to start peeing on his cheese or short-sheeting his bed.


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