Concerns All Over

With the problems going on with Faux, naturally I talked to Brother and then had a visit with Chatty.

Poor Brother. He sounded like a man at the end of his tether. Not necessarily defeated, just so tired of having to deal with Faux. He told me how the whole scenario came about, and just as I suspected. He and Faux had been having a casual conversation when she made some snide comment about our family and how we “don’t show up” for stuff. In defense of our family and in an attempt at getting her to THINK for once, he mentioned that even “my own sister is uncomfortable and can’t come over here to help without it turning into a catfight!” which spawned a whole big fight. As Faux started texting me, Brother looked at her and said “Seriously??? You want to get into a War of Words with my sister??? You are going to lose!”  (Bless him) Of course she viewed this as him taking my side of things and it only made her want to challenge me further. It didn’t work. She still looks incredibly stupid and awful.

More so, I told Brother he needs to get Faux into therapy. Group. ANYTHING. It’s getting out of hand! He confessed that she’s “daily” using the I’m going to leave and take this baby and you’ll never see us again or How did I end up in this family?? baloney at him. That made me angry. Brother is sweet, smart, caring and an amazing father. HOW DARE THIS P.O.S. SAY SUCH THINGS TO HIM?? I told him, flat out. THAT is abuse and will ONLY get worse. He tried to throw his hands up and say “Well, what am I supposed to do?? I’ve got this kid now…” and I stopped him COLD. “Because of that baby you NEED to get her into some sort of therapy. I do not care if you have to lie to her and tell her you want to be a ‘closer couple’ or whatever, but GET HER INTO THERAPY!” That made him think a bit more and start contemplating church groups and the like. 

When he mentioned the whole “how did I marry into this family” thing; I started to fume again. (You know what? Yeah, my family is jacked up, but it’s not like they are lighting your house on fire, Faux! Things just aren’t going the way Faux wanted and wants them to go and she’s throwing fits like a 4 year old!) Brother then confessed that he has NO IDEA how he married someone who can’t think things through!!! It was all I could do not to remind him of the time he and I talked while Dad was in the hospital and he told me that he couldn’t have a “real” conversation with Faux and was he “supposed to spend the rest of his life with someone he can’t talk to?” and I TOLD HIM if he couldn’t carry on a conversation with a woman to END THE RELATIONSHIP. That it wasn’t fair to either of them and would only end badly. Then a few months later he proposed to Faux. So then there’s that…

Anyway, the next day I went to see Chatty. Chatty asked me to read her the conversation, and I did. I tried to keep my Story Voices in control, but it was hard to read the utterly petty and pathetic attempts at burns to me in any other voice than a snotty one. After hearing it all, she did her best to scribble on her iPad board “She’s a B*TCH” which made me laugh and then feel bad for laughing. I talked to her about what I think needs to happen and she wrote “divorced in 5 years”. I thought for a moment that she meant that Brother thinks they’ll be divorced in 5 years; when I tried to clarify she nodded “yes” but didn’t write any more to expand. So I don’t know if that means that Brother has told Chatty that he wants to leave Faux, honestly. I’m not certain that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Chatty wrote “She yells all the time” and “not good for Baby” so there’s definitely solid evidence to be concerned about.

I really want Brother to be happy! I want him and Baby Nephew to have a warm and loving life. If that means they have to do it without Faux, then so be it! But it’s going to hurt Brother to pull that out of his imagination. I definitely don’t want that.




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