Aaaaand she’s at it again!

Once again, Faux has reasserted herself as “mean girl from high school”.

I’ve expressed concern to Brother, telling him that I won’t just drop by their home unless invited. Faux is too unpredictable and it’s uncomfortable for me. 

Well, apparently he told her this. Or something along the lines. Probably to deflect away from her yelling at him or something. Whatever, I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose. As she began her tirade, I tried to text my brother with a picture of the beginning of the conversation, my attempt at engaging him so he could make her KNOCK IT OFF. But alas, she got ahold of his phone and started responding to the texts I’d sent to HIM in the original conversation. So that means either he showed them to her, or she was snooping on his phone. Which is just…well it’s gross. 

Either way. She and I got into it in a big way this morning and I feel very….I feel lots of things about it.

I’m angry because it’s not right. I’ve done nothing to her and am entitled to my own feelings that are a direct result of her actions towards me. I dealt with mean girls all through growing up, I’m experienced. 

But it still hurts on some level. 

In a blatant attempt and example of Mean Girl, she asked me “How Weight Watchers is going?”; I retorted with “I’m not on Weight Watchers, shows how much you care to know about MY life.”, yes I know. I opened that door and she walked right through it saying “Maybe you should.”

At that point, the little girl inside me remembered all the times I was bullied and didn’t get the chance to say what I’d wanted to, and she fought back. “Wow. Congratulations. You’re a mean girl from high school again. Way to grow up.”

She went full on rant and listed ALL the things she’s “accomplished”, her degree, marrying my brother, travel, my Baby Nephew. 

I went on “I’m not going to argue what it means to be a grown up with someone who tries to win an argument by calling me fat. All that stuff looks great on paper, but obviously you are unhappy with your life if you have to resort to threats and ultimatums. You can look up ultimatum at And yes, that was me making fun of your vocabulary.”


And then I realized, I was participating in this. So I sent this as soon as I realized it. “And it was out of line. I’m immediately regretting sinking to that level. I would like to diffuse this argument because we are family. But because we are family, we are arguing. So I don’t know what to do.”

She tried to throw a few more weak-armed barbs, but I didn’t budge. I just sent “I hope you WILL reach out to me when you’ve calmed down and realize I’m your family too and I care about you.”

In a last ditch effort she sent “…Doubt it.”

Always trying to get the last word and be the better person, I sent “I have faith. You aren’t an awful person, you are just as human as I am.”


I’m still furious and hurt and disgusted at her. But unless my brother divorces her or vice versa; I’m stuck with her. 

Brother still has not responded to any of the texts I sent. Including the ones where I figured she was reading from his phone so I directed them at Faux. 

I desperately want to talk to Brother.



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