Loose lips bring sweet confessions

Yesterday I had taken the entire day off from work to spend with Boyfriend.

He cooked biscuits and gravy for breakfast while I watched RuPaul’s Drag Race. He drowned out MY show by watching Highlander on Netflix. He doesn’t care for Drag Queens. HIS LOSS!

Then he had to take his sister, Smartie to do something for school that would “only take an hour or so”. From 10 am until 3, he was gone. Le sigh.

To make up for it, Boyfriend made Beef Wellington for dinner, MUCH to the delight of myself and French Dude. When I texted French Dude to ask if he’d like to join us in our dinner and what we were having he responded “I just Googled it and IT SOUNDS AMAZING” so yeah, he was IN.

During dinner, Boyfriend and French Dude sipped Black Label Johnnie Walker, a Christmas gift from Smartie and her boyfriend to Boyfriend. I enjoyed some Pear Pinot Grigio, a bottle that was supposed to go to Brother and Faux sometime around Christmas I think but with all her shenanigans, managed to stay at my house for me to enjoy. And I’m SO GLAD because that wine was DELIGHTFUL!

With full bellies and fuzzy heads from boozey bevs; we watched a little television and I headed to bed. Shortly, Boyfriend joined me and got real chatty.

“I caught myself thinking about you the other day”, he confessed, I couldn’t really tell because the light was low but I think he was blushing. “You did? What do you mean?” I carefully prodded. Because seriously, a sentence like that is like SERIOUS DRUGS and I’M GONNA NEED SOME MORE!!

“Yeah, I was at work and just thought, ‘I wonder what {insert MY name, obviously} is up to? Oh hey! I was just totally thinking about her!” which to someone else, might be a DUH OF COURSE YOU WERE. But with Boyfriend’s work, there’s very little time to think about anything else than what you are doing right at that time; so for him to feel relaxed enough to remember something like that and make a point to tell me about it, it’s sweeter than sticking your face in the sugar bowl.

I let him babble on about this and that, nothing pertaining to anything relevant really; that’s how I knew he really was a bit tipsy. So it wasn’t long until his breathing got shallow and he’d fallen asleep, looking so happy and relaxed.

My mind, over-analyzer that I am, slowly unwrapped the fact that, I helped with that. He thinks of me and is happy and relaxed and he’s very pleased. I wanted very much to verbally explode all over him, showering him with praise and telling him how much I love him and how just the mere thought of him makes me smile so big, people at work wonder “WHAT ARE YOU ON?!?!”. Instead, I let him tell me his side, his thoughts and his “ah-ha” moments and just let them sit, untouched except for the “Well that is nice, babe. Thank you!”

I’m not saying I’ve got all the answers when it comes to this relationship. I just know, he’s definitely The One for me.



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