That’s not the one I was talking about.

We were redoing the caulking in the bathroom in preparation for our French Boarder.
I had done my best to remove the old caulking the night before, but frankly had done a terrible job. I’d told Boyfriend that he NEEDED to be awake early to re-do the caulk so it would have time to cure and dry so that I could at least take a shower after Pole Class that night.
I didn’t hound him, but I did text and call to remind him to wake up.
After responding that he was done and had put a thick layer of caulk in, and how proud and pleased he was with his work; I asked him to send me a picture.

…he did.

But it wasn’t of the caulk. Oh yes, he sent me a picture of his penis.

After my initial reaction of “OH MY GOOD GOD!” and fits of laughter.
I realized, the background of the picture (while still recognizable as sheets we own) was not of the sheets currently on our bed.


*sigh* He’s a wacka-doodle, and I love him to bits.


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