Space, Invaded

Boyfriend and I had a hard conversation the other day. He admitted that he’s really struggling financially. 

We have a spare room, and he wants to rent it out. And as much as I agree with him; I am very skeptical. Our house is small, we’d share a bathroom and there isn’t much space to begin with. Never the less, he responded to a request for room for rent before even talking to me about it. Then pushed the issue in a conversation. When I reluctantly agreed to send an email and find out more about the possible tenant and he casually mentioned that he’d already done so…well you can imagine how well THAT went over.

He understands why I was mad, but it didn’t stop him. Which makes me raise my eyebrows. 

I don’t want another roommate, even temporarily. I’m 37 years old! Boyfriend and I make a decent living, though with his car troubles last year it’s set us back a bit and we’ve gotten a smidge behind. Nothing the tax returns won’t fix; but STILL! He views that unoccupied guest room as a “money making machine” and I view it as a “chance to be invaded”.

He hasn’t ever lived with more than just me in that house. He doesn’t understand what it’s like to live ON TOP of one another. I told him, this MUST be a temporary situation. 6 months TOPS. NO long boarders. 

So far we’ve gotten one lead, but they stated they wanted a “lease” which means at least 1 year to me; which is NOT happening. 

He may have jumped ahead, but I’m not afraid to stand my ground about our home. Even if it postpones our inevitable engagement.



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