Choice Words

My Dad was finally admitted to the hospital and is undergoing treatment.

Well, he’s undergoing a Circus. But whatever.

They are testing him for everything, (guys, he drinks), scanning him for everything (guys…he DRINKS) and most surprising to me; being very careful with what words they use around him. 

Apparently, words like “detox”, “alcohol”, “opiate abuse”, “drug and alcohol rehab”, have been put on the No-No List when it comes to talking with my father. Strangely enough, the word “Rehab” by itself is still a go.

According to Uncle Tall, he spoke with the nursing staff and doctor team and explained the entire situation about my Dad’s track record with meds and booze. Explained his resistance when presented with facts from anyone including medical personnel or law enforcement who specialize in such things. Armed with this intel, the staff has decided to maintain a farce of merely helping my Dad with the pain in his legs and re-hydrating him, getting him healthy enough to transfer. Up one floor to the Rehab Floor. 

Now, it appears my father may think the Rehab Floor is for Physical Rehab, and that may be true. I’m waiting to confer with the medical troupe myself to see if there’s actually a Drugs and Alcohol section of that floor and that’s where my father will be moved to. Uncle Tall is convinced that’s what’s happening. But only under the guise that my father isn’t completely aware of the details.

Here’s why I have a problem with this.

MY FATHER ISN’T A CHILD! WHY ARE WE DANCING AROUND HIM AND MANIPULATING HIM TO DO WHAT WE WANT HIM TO DO?!?!? I understand, in order to keep him from fighting it; it’s necessary. But it MAKES ME MAD! I don’t like lying, period. And THIS feels like LYING! And it’s not right! I’m going to have to really work on an Oscar Winning performance when I finally talk to him.

Granted, I haven’t gone to see him yet. He’s still being “flushed out”. The medical staff are gauging his progress by his shaking. He shakes like he’s the central location of an 8.0 earthquake when he’s sick or in pain or sober. Honestly, I’m not even sure anymore. All I truly know is that he shakes less after he’s had a couple drinks. So, there’s that.

So they are trying to clean him up, help his liver out. Get him balanced. I don’t want to see him until he’s at least halfway there. Any sooner than that will be pointless and sad. 

The Family is still reeling from this drastic change of direction. But we’re also all watching and waiting for any signs that he’s going to bail out on the whole thing. 


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