It’s a Miracle?

Today may be a miracle day.

Apparently, early this morning, around 2 am, my Dad had to crawl his way from the downstairs den upstairs, 3 flights, to his room to get his phone. It took him 3 hours.

3 hours, he crawled. 

I hesitate to say it, but my Uncle (Uncle Tall) said that he thinks it scared him. He’s finally saying what I’ve been saying for almost a year.

He cannot go back to that house. Not alone. 

He gave my Aunt and Uncle “permission” to hire a housekeeper (Uncle Tall says there’s feces in places….yeaaaaaaah) and start putting things in storage to get the house ready for sale. Gosh, how nice of him to assign them tasks from his ER bed. /sarcasm

There has been a Social Worker in the hospital he’s at that has now gotten involved, and yes. Everyone is aware that he’s an alcoholic and narcotic drug abuser. Isn’t stopping them from shooting him with morphine, but hey. It’s in a hospital at least. He’s asked to be admitted, which has never happened before. He’s always been in rush to get home, to drink. But it seems his mind may be changed.

Chatty asked me to take her to see him. I told her “No way”. Initially because I was angry, and I am angry. I told him this would happen and he blew me off! I stood there, pleading and screaming and sobbing at him, telling him how terrified I was that something would happen and he’d be alone, he dismissed me as “dramatic”. And now, now he may be starting to understand how selfish he has been to everyone. His wife, his son, his daughter; all of us trying to help him and he would have nothing to do with us. He called us names. He accused us of trying to take his property. He ignored his dying wife because he thought he’d fed her, when in reality he had only imagined he had in on of his drug/drink induced dreams then screamed at her when she told someone else she was hungry and to bring her food. 

Yeah, I love him. But the list of pain he’s caused is longer than I’m willing to pass over at the moment. I’m elated he’s finally getting some help and is appearing to see that he can’t live like he has over the past few years anymore. But am I waiting for another shoe somewhere to drop? 

That’s precisely what I’m waiting for. 



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