I’m Pretty sure we were supposed to be done with that…

Pretty is at it again. Bless her.

She’s had this very close friend, let’s call him Chappy. Pretty and Chappy have been friends for a long time, they also were bed-buddies for a short time. But that fizzled out when they were roommates. Pretty has been Chappy’s rock; helping him through just about anything. At one point, over a year ago, Pretty told me that Chappy was her soul mate. At the time, I hadn’t let it be known how much I thought her marrying Hat had been a massive mistake, but I was shocked to hear her refer to anyone but her husband as her soul mate.

Push came to shove, now Pretty and Hat are divorcing, naturally Pretty has been more free to become even more essential to Chappy. Chappy is still younger than Pretty, but it’s not as large of a gap as between Pretty and Hat. Chappy has a decent career, and from what I understand will be coming into some pretty significant family money soon. Not that money really matters to Pretty, but it’s a factor in my mind. 

Basically, they are in a relationship without being in a relationship and it’s making me a bit insane.

When Pretty was in the beginning stages of leaving Hat, I made her say aloud “I’m not leaving Hat for Chappy. I’m not leaving Hat for Chappy. I’m not leaving Hat for Chappy” because I was terrified that’s precisely what she was doing. She assured me that wasn’t the reason. But now, I’m getting that sneaky feeling again.

Apparently, Chappy has developed a complex when it comes to sex. He wants to have a vasectomy in order to insure that he’s not “going to get someone pregnant”. Does anyone else see the problem??

One of the big reasons Pretty left Hat was because she couldn’t imagine having children with a man with no Faith, NOW she’s putting herself in the potential position of having NEW relationship where the choice of having children has been made for her. And yes, I’m aware that vasectomy’s are reversible, but frankly, having the man you love tell you that he’s afraid of “getting someone pregnant” is insulting. 

Pretty has confessed that she and Chappy have never had a “real” relationship. They just went from roommates to “buddies” to roommates to close like siblings to whatever-this-is again. I’m concerned. 

Pretty has a tendency to choose men who lack. She makes up for that lack by overcompensating or accepting things she doesn’t want in order to “take what she can get”. That makes my very angry, at Pretty. 

Pretty has become what I’m afraid all women make the mistake of becoming. A Settler. I’m not saying to expect the Prince on the White Horse, that’s dumb. But not speaking your mind, declaring what you want out of your life? That’s worse than dumb. 

Not to say that you always get what you declare you want. But when did it become ok to allow someone else’s shortcomings to limit yourself? When did it become ok for Pretty to think “Well I want kids, but what I want doesn’t necessarily matter” again? She just reclaimed her life, I would hate to see her turn back over to that Darkside.


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