Must be Thursday


The neighbor, called me because the police were at the house. Apparently my Dad is having work done on the truck and has a rental car from the dealership. After several days of him not returning the rental car, the dealership sent someone to the house who witnessed the rental car door ajar in the garage. They called the cops.
The cops jumped the fence and managed to get into the house and found my Dad. 
Most likely asleep because they were in the bedroom.
I asked the neighbor to put one of the officers on the phone, I begged them to 5150 my Dad because he’s not in his right mind. The officer stated that he would examine the house and see if it could be done. Regrettably, the house isn’t a total disaster and there is food in the fridge so they can’t legally 5150 him.
The officer also mentioned that my Dad was “blue-ish and shaky” and “was obviously ill” then confided that it appeared he was “detoxing”. He mentioned that Dad had told them about his “neuropathy”. (The only reason I put neuropathy in quotations is because we all know that while his pain is real, the reason he’s in so much pain is because he has been abusing his prescription pain medications and alcohol) I briefly told that officer about the addictions, explained that my father has been told several times by different ERs and doctors that detoxing alone can kill him,  and the officer agreed that yes, there is nothing wrong with detoxing by yourself except when you are detoxing from those substances (alcohol and pain medication), then detoxing can kill you. Again, I pleaded that they take him in, again he told me they legally couldn’t. But they had called the paramedics, even though Dad had told them “No.” 
As a last ditch effort, I tried to convince the Sheriff that because my Dad knows that detoxing alone can kill him, technically what he’s doing and his refusal for treatment could be painted as suicidal. But the Sheriff said that he couldn’t swing it. Adding to my level of frustration, the officer and sheriff that I spoke to both obviously wanted to help. I could hear it in their voices, they were trying to figure out a way to get my father into the ambulance and off to the hospital. 
But, because he knew what day it was and where he was and his name and whatever piddly other things they ask; he’s still at home. By himself. Stubborn and sick because he refuses to believe that he needs medical care. Yes, it appears that the paramedics have determined that he is coherent enough to refuse treatment, but the sheriff then called me from my Dad’s phone to see if “anyone can come check on him every few days”. I explained that he has ALL the gate openers and that we try. I also explained that I had made a plan to go over to the house tomorrow (I sent Dad an email the other day, I need to pick something up for Chatty and test the gate opener I ordered from amazon) but going over there now, would be fruitless. He refuses to listen to anyone. 
The sheriff also informed me that my Dad had told them (the police, sheriff and paramedics I assume) that he was supposed to go to a “new doctor” today because the “old doctor” won’t give him his pain medication anymore for his “neuropathy”. (Anyone else want to HI-FIVE the old doctor???)
I haven’t had any updates since talking to the neighbor the last time when she thought I was on my way over, I’m pretty sure she was disappointed that I wasn’t. I know there’s no point. I’m completely ineffectual with him, and since I’ve been crying he’ll just ignore me even more. 
So there’s all the news as I know it. I’m just gonna cry some more. 

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