Burnt cookies and nearly killing the dog

Saturday, Faux and Brother asked Boyfriend and I over for a little Thanksgiving LeftOver dinner party with some of their friends.
Yeah, I know. I was weirded out by it too. But Faux is trying, and therefore I’ll play along.
Boyfriend had gotten a cooking bug and had been making food the majority of the afternoon. Cranberry sauce, cookies, other random stuff.
We were supposed to be there by 5. At 5:15pm I had been standing around, fully dressed and ready to go for nearly a 1/2 hour, trying not to freak out at Boyfriend because he simply wasn’t understanding that WE NEEDED TO BE THERE AT 5.
We rushed out, made sure Puppy was warm and snuggly in her blanket and left cartoons on for her (shut up) and made it over to Faux and Brother’s where we had a marvelous time eating BBQ pulled turkey sandwiches and various leftover sides. I got some more “baby time” with my nephew Baby who is now big enough to be held easily. Additionally, I had brought my Apples to Apples board game, and it was a HIT. All the grown-ups had a terrific time.
Realizing we’d been there nearly 5 hours, Boyfriend and I said our goodbyes and headed home. Eager to pass out.
Walking in the door, I noticed a burning smell. Thinking Boyfriend had just left the oven on, no big deal, I walked over and turned it off. That’s where the burning smell nearly knocked me over.
He’d left a batch of cookies in the oven FOR NEARLY 5 HOURS. Poor Puppy had been subjected to first the smell of yummy cookies baking, then the charred stench of burning food for hours and hours. Bless her sweet little nose!
Boyfriend had himself a decent little freak out, rightly so. He clutched onto Puppy for about 20 minutes, feeling terribly guilty and anxious. I did my best to soothe him, but I felt the same guilt.
We have both agreed never to rush out of the house again.

…we wouldn’t have had to rush if we’d left on time like I’d TOLD him, but oh nevermind.


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