Climbing to a New Height

I have been working on Pole Climbing for months. And lemme tell ya, it’s freakin’ hard. 

Every class, every time the teacher calls for us to do Climbing Drills, I have been struggling to get up into position, then dropping downwards and trying to pull myself back up to the same position (like a standard pull-up but vertical) as many times as I can. I always have to bail out and drop off the pole after 2 or 3, my shoulders shaking, my legs bruising. It’s humiliating. All the other women in my classes are scooting their way up to the tippy top of their poles and gracefully (looking) sliding down to the floor. All legs and pointed toes. It’s beautiful. I WANT TO DO THAT!!

Last night, I had a breakthrough. I CLIMBED! 

There I was, doing my typical “latch on and pull, use the strength of prayer and arms” when my instructor told me to move my left heel in front of the pole. 

Suddenly, I had traction! I had contact grip with my knees and ankles that I could trust. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was go UP!!! I knew I could hold myself with my arms, so I crunched with my lower body and put my legs back underneath me as quick as I could, then moved one hand then the other, further up the pole and repeated.

I got 3 climbs up before I realized I WAS HIGHER UP THAN I’D EVER BEEN BEFORE!!! I started laugh/shrieking and had to bail out and slide down a bit like a little kid. 

My pole partner started clapping, she knew how hard I’d been working to climb. My instructor threw her arms up in celebration, the class burst into applause. I turned bright red, bursting with pride in myself and embarrassed that the class had stopped what they were doing and witnessed my triumph!

I kept trying, but when I get to that 3rd climb, I kept laughing as I marveled at myself. 

I know that’s what I’ve been working toward, but it felt so far off…like I was months and months of strength training away still. But I did it. 

I can climb. 🙂 


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