It’s almost PENGUIN TIME!!!

I have to say, I have a Penguin thing.

At Christmas, I love PENGUINS!! But not just any Penguins, they have to be chubby and round and look like they need me to pick them up and hug them! 

And if the Penguin has a scarf or a hat on?? FORGET IT! I MUST OWN IT!!!

If it’s light up? I’m going to want to buy it. But interestingly enough, if it’s the blow up ones? I have a harder time. The fans that make the balloon-like blow up animation thingies, THEY MAKE NOISE and I don’t care for it. But if the Penguin is scarfed, hatted, strung with lights and sparkly? I’m going to check to see if it’s under $40 and if it is? IT’S GOING IN MY TINY YARD!

I had to disclose this obsession with all things Penguin to Boyfriend the other day. He had the expected “Um, Ok?” response, but he doesn’t understand my love of CHRISTMAS PENGUINS!!! 

Just wait until I come home from every shopping trip with something Penguin. Glasses, window clings, countless coffee mugs, towels, ornaments (even though I’ve never had a Christmas tree), string lights with penguins, handsoaps, bar soaps, stickers, cards, ALLLLL OF THE PENGUINS!!!!

I’m so excited ^_^


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