Today is Boyfriend’s birthday!!! *insert noisemaker horns and popping of poppers and confetti being thrown and silly hats being worn*


He’s not as excited about it as I am. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, he made a grumpy face and mumbled “I just want a big piece of German Chocolate Cake and to be left the f*ck alone!”

…Well, Sunday on the way home from Pole Class, I stopped by 3 stores to find the biggest piece of cake I could find. I almost got him his own giant cake, but I know him, he’d eat one piece and throw the rest out. 

I also had tried to get the day off from work to spend time with him, I was going to try and get us to to an amusement park that he likes (*cough*Magic Mountain) but he has to work!!!

I do not understand it! It’s his BIRTHDAY! I never work on my birthday, not if I can help it! 

Boyfriend turns 31 today. He claims that last year, turning 30 nearly killed him.

I had to remind him that last year I wasn’t in his life and that is why he didn’t have a great birthday. 

I wanted to make this birthday a biggie, because it’s the first one of his that I’m experiencing, but I respect that he doesn’t want anything other than cake. 

I realize that anything I do that I think might show my adoration of him (skywriting, ticker tape parades, etc), wouldn’t necessarily make him feel comfortable. So when I left this morning, I said “Good morning, Birthday Boy!” quietly in his ear and kissed him goodbye for the day. I’ll text him later when I’m certain he’s awake and hope his day is splendid.

On that note, HAPPY BOYFRIEND’S BIRTHDAY!! May YOUR day be splendid as well!! ❤


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