Sometimes Romance is Weird

Actual text from Boyfriend:

“I’m signing up for health benefits, I’m choosing my dental plan right now. I’ll go over it with you again tonight when I get home. I’m naming you as beneficiary…I need your social”

Ok, so first thing, I’m not the benefits wizard of the house, nor do I know a damn thing about my own benefits through The Cubicle Farm, but as a show of solidarity and probably to cement his own understanding of the benefits he’s signing up for; he wants to go over it with me when he gets home. THAT’S SO CUTE!

And how sweet is he to name me as beneficiary??? I mean, the thought is heartbreaking and I’d probably never be physically able to leave my bedroom again if something were to happen to Boyfriend. But how sweet and romantic of him to automatically think of me!! 

…I need to update my beneficiary information and eeeeeh yeah my emergency contact info too. But I think we should have a list of each other’s friends and family in the event of some sort of something. I’ll have to pose it to him tonight. Though I’m sure he’s going to balk at the idea of me having the contact information for his family, only because ACCORDING TO HIM “They ruin everything“.

I told him I’ve been training for that sort of thing my entire life. They don’t scare me. They sound just like my own family. 🙂


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