Fun with Bodily Functions: Girl Common Knowledge

Just about every woman after the age of 21 knows two sure-fire ways to get her period.

The first has a couple different variations, but the second is almost always the kicker.

1. Wear white pants/or a skirt/dress whatever. 

2. Purchase and open a pregnancy test.

Personally, I don’t own anything that goes on my lower body that is white or light colored. I just don’t. So there’s that.

Yesterday I purchased a pregnancy test pack because I was 4 days late and starting to sweat. I came home, told Boyfriend not to panic when he saw what I had bought. Then promptly went into the bathroom and opened the box of 2 tests.

When he followed me in, wide eyed and eyebrow raised, I told him of these two methods. Even though he has two sisters and relationships previous to me, somehow these two facts managed to evade his life.

This morning I awoke to the arrival of my period, just like I knew I would and breathed that sigh of relief that I’d been holding. Even though there was a small chance I could have been pregnant, (what? We’ve been busy, we aren’t bunnies!!) it was a comfort not to have to worry accidentally creating life. With my new workout regimen and all the chicks that workout revolves around; it’s perfectly understandable that my cycle has been knocked off course. 

I’m really not looked forward to having to go to class tonight though, the first day of my period always knocks me on my behind energy wise.


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