An Amazing Beautiful Wedding

This weekend was the wedding of my friends, Amazing and Beautiful.

The location was in God forsaken nowhere, but once we were all parked (I rode in with my friend Runner and her husband, Overalls; I’d loaned Boyfriend my vehicle so that he could go straight from work to the wedding. Little did any of us know it meant a 3 hour stint in traffic :-\ oh well) and inside the home of the aunt and uncle of the Groom, Amazing. It didn’t seem to matter anymore.

Boyfriend showed up right after we did, and I gleefully waited for him to walk up to me in his black suit jacket and pants, white shirt, and brown shoes. (Whatever, he looked awesome) He looked very tired, but kept a smile on his face for me.

The ceremony was quirky and funny and heartwarming. Beautiful looked absolutely breathtaking, and Amazing cried even though he had swore he wouldn’t. (Beautiful did too, but she cries pretty!)

Cocktail hour was nice, they had Skittles infused vodkas and rums. Boyfriend made the delicious discovery that Orange Skittles Rum and ginger ale tastes as good as if not better than an Orangesicle!  It made me very sad that I was driving home because I could’ve gotten SKITTLES WASTED on those all night!

The food was appropriate, the dancing was the show, the cupcakes were plentiful. But Boyfriend was so tired that he started falling asleep during the toasts. So he went to lay down in the car.

I stayed as long as I could, my guilt at my sweet Boyfriend laying in the car was gnawing at me. I danced to “our” song with the Bride, Beautiful, I ate a cupcake, I participated in some impromptu inappropriate photo booth sessions. 

I hugged and hugged and hugged so many people I hadn’t seen in so long I didn’t realized how much I had missed them. 

Then I hiked up to the car, woke up Boyfriend to unzip my dress (I was not about to drive home in my cocktail dress!), changed back into my pj pants and tank top and we hit the dusty trail. Literally. There was dirt road.

It was a gorgeous wedding, even Boyfriend made a point to say he thought it was one of the most beautiful weddings he’s been to. I cried a little, but not too much since I’m an “ugly” crier. Mostly when Boyfriend reached over and squeezed my hand during the vows.

He just gets me. I can’t wait until he asks me to marry him 🙂



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