Fun with bodily functions

Having a Urinary Tract Infections is not awesome in my opinion.

However, if you ladies are going to have to deal with one, may I suggest you have some fun with your significant other or roommate while you’re dealing with it?

The AZO pills (you should be able to find them at a drugstore, they are over the counter) basically make your pee look crazy.

Yes. Crazy pee. It looks like you’ve pissed iodine and if you forget you’ve taken the pills, you can really freak yourself out.

You can also freak someone else out if you neglect to flush.

Example: I took the AZO pills last night before bed, and when I got up this morning and had to pee, I didn’t flush the toilet because it was 4:15 in the morning and flushing at 4:15 in the morning can be considered rude if it wakes Boyfriend up.

So yes, I left a toilet bowl full of iodine colored pee in the toilet at home.

Text I just received from Boyfriend:


Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the doubling over in laughter instead of pain from a F*&king UTI. 

And I didn’t text him back immediately because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see, not because I’m mean and sadistic.

That’s right, not because I’m mean and sadistic.



3 thoughts on “Fun with bodily functions

  1. If you are experiencing excruciating pain while urinating, have constant lower back pain, or your urine is emitting a foul smell, you might be suffering from a urinary tract infection, or UTI. If left untreated, these annoying symptoms can lead to more serious complications.

    When any of the organs that comprise the urinary tract becomes infected with bacteria, fungi or a parasite, it results in a urinary tract infection. The urinary tract includes organs like the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. The more specific and localized classifications include urethritis (urethral infection), cystitis (bladder infection) and pyelonephritis (kidney infection).

    Urinary tract infection can be caused by bacterial strains originating in the colon, like E-coli, and can be extremely painful and irritating. Most urinary infections are limited to the bladder. However, if the infection spreads to the kidneys, it can be life-threatening.

    Bacteria travel from the urethra to the bladder and then the kidneys. Women are more susceptible to this type of infection than men because women have a shorter urethra and it is easier for microbes to travel up to the bladder or kidneys. Also, if you have an enlarged prostate or kidney stones which restrict or interrupt the urinary flow, you could be more susceptible to a UTI. In addition, if you don’t drink a lot of water, you increase your risk of suffering from a urinary infection. Urination flushes the urinary tract, but this is only possible when you drink sufficient amounts of fluid.

    If you notice symptoms of a bladder infection, it is important to have it treated quickly and properly. Otherwise, it could lead to a kidney infection, which is far more serious. Symptoms typically include a burning sensation while urinating, cloudy urine, a foul smell, occasional traces of blood in the urine, and feeling you need to urinate urgently and often. It may be very difficult to urinate, or to void completely. If you are experiencing unbearable pain, or lower back pain, act quickly to avoid potentially serious complications.

    The standard conventional treatment for a urinary tract infection includes a normal course of antibiotics. However, if you are looking to do things a bit more naturally, Naturopathy offers a number of options that can help. Herbs with an affinity to the urinary tract, such as Uva Ursi, Golden Rod, Berberis and Corn Silk in proper combination can be very effective. Homeopathic remedies can also provide fast relief, with Cantharis, Berberis and many other single and combination homeopathics. Probiotics are important to control the types of bacteria present in the colon, and proper wiping (from front to back) will reduce bacterial contamination.

    Cranberry has long been thought of as a cure for bladder infections, but only the pure, unsweetened juice should be used. If you start filling up on the delicious cranberry juice from your local grocery store, it will only add sugar to your system, which will lower your immune function and feed the bacteria.

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