Sleeping arrangements

I’m lying in bed right now.
Puppy is directly to my right in the center of the bed preventing me from being Little Spoon with Boyfriend.
I’m only mildly annoyed with her because honestly how annoyed can one get with a dog that only weighs 4.4lbs??
I reached down to pet her tiny noggin and she made her “arfl-snarfle” groan noise that just melts my little robot heart. As I pet her, she snuggled down harder into the blanket.
As she snuggled into the blanket, Boyfriend made a similar noise in his sleep,  instinctively I reached over and pet his shoulder.
As I did, I marveled at how lucky I am that this man loves me and couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with the thought of how much I love him, and Puppy.
Even though she wrecked our sleeping arrangement. She’s the sweetest thing walking around and I’m a lucky dame.


3 thoughts on “Sleeping arrangements

  1. my dog and guess does exactly the same thing he sleeps directly in between me and my husband. Most nights the only type of snuggling I get is him putting his hand on my head reaching over the dog and putting a foot on my leg. I don’t mind it so much because dog provides tons of extra yummy warm but sometimes I would love to roll over without the dog getting out of line get walking completely around curling up against my stomach. Happy snuggles! !

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