When a cracked block turns into debt

Over the weekend, Boyfriends’ car broke down. In a big way.

His engine block cracked, which means, you guessed it! He needs a new engine. In my opinion, he should get a new car, but that’s not my call.

Due to circumstances (he was driving, giving me a chance to call the bank) I have found myself now in official debt. I’ve never been officially in debt before.

Yes, I have a car, yes it’s paid off (a gift from my Dad when he was on his upswing of thinking he was going to die, and he was sober) and yes I have a credit card through my bank that’s not a debit card. I’ve managed to keep myself fairly debt free (minus a few oopsies with retail stores). So it’s really weird for me to now know I have a personal loan from our bank and I’m in debt.

Boyfriend is going to pay the loan payments, I know it. But it’s still weird. 

Bless him, he wrestled with the idea of just getting a new car instead of fixing the old one. But he’s right, it’s cheaper AND more economically smart to fix the old one, get 6-10 more years out of the new engine than get himself into a car payment. The loan is small enough that the payments will be easily finished quicker than a car payment would be. 

Saturday night when he got back home from work (he used my car) he and I quietly talked about the situation. He asked “Do you think I’m doing the right thing by fixing it?” and I told him “Babe, it’s your call. It’s your car.” And he gave a little sigh and said “I know, but still”. That’s when it dawned on me and I asked him, “We’re really in this together, aren’t we?” He was quick to respond with a confident “Well, YEAH!”

It does freak me out to know that he could dump me and leave me with this mess if he wanted to. But he’s not going to do that. We’re partners, friends, more than that too, but you know what I mean. It’s nice to feel like he’s got my back and I’ve got his. He appreciates me and I appreciate him. He knows I support him, and I know he supports me even though it surprises me every time. It feels like a new discovery every time I realize that, he’s with me in every sense. 

It’s a pretty amazing feeling.


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