Thigh Appreciation

Yesterday was my regular Sunday Intro/Beginner Pole Class (I’ve decided that no matter how much I learn and advance in my Pole classes, I’ll probably never give up that Sunday class)

Recently I decided that I was going to have to start wearing some sort of shorts in class. With Climbing, you must have your legs exposed at least above the knee (or further, YIKES) because you use the friction from your skin on the pole to hoist yourself up. It’s brutal. Bruises are the least you have to worry about. I ordered some shorts, running shorts really, but they are spandex-like and are form-fitting. That’s another thing I learned; the shorts must be form-fitting otherwise you’re just going to flash anyone that happens to look in your direction. Ugh.

I finally wore my new fitted spandex-y shorts to class. But I’ve been avoiding my reflection for fear I’d judge myself too harshly and become discouraged. Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of my legs in the mirror during warm-up.

We were on our backs doing the Prance move (on your back, legs moving like you’re riding a really slow bicycle, it’s not particularly sexy, but it’s murder on the legs and abs) and I saw my legs. It was impossible not to because I’m so pale I’m practically day-glo. More importantly, I wasn’t aghast. My skin looked taught, my legs looked long (well, as long as they can be, I’m 5’5″) and they looked…strong!

I actually impressed myself with the appearance of my legs, especially my thighs! Later I put on over-the-knee leg warmers and was even more impressed. My legs look like dancers legs again, well more than they have for a long time, to me they are starting to look like they used to and that’s what counts!


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