Pole Classes

I take Pole Dancing Classes. I started back in June.

I’m not a thin woman, I’m not a young woman. I’m 36 and chubby/curvy with big boobs. I’m not nearly as flexible as I once was even though I have a fairly extensive dance background.

Once you’re finished laughing, I’ll go on.

Ya done? Cool.

It’s so hard!!! The strength it takes to do anything is amazing. I sometimes feel stronger, but mostly I feel sore.

Like today. Last night (Wednesday) I took my Beginner 2 class (I leveled up after going to Intro/Beginner classes for 2 months. I was terrified and continue to be nervous every Wednesday) where the instructor is one of the owners, my friend in the class calls her “Boss-Mom” and it totally fits. Boss-Mom is great, she’s got a “Dancer’s Mind” like mine, meaning she thinks in choreography not just tricks, but she certainly doesn’t shy away from challenging her students.

The majority of the other dancers in my class are more advanced than I am. It’s discouraging at times. I can’t climb more than one time before my arms/knees/body give out and I have to bail out. Everyone else can climb the pole like a tree and I feel like I’m rooted to the ground. They can invert (go upside down and hang from various limbs) and I can’t.

Yet. I have to give myself the yet. Otherwise I’ll be too hard on myself and my body and quit. And I don’t want to quit!

My arms, my knees, the tops of my feet, my hip and my ribs are all bruised. That’s right. All. Bruised. The bottom of my feet have blistered, burst then peeled open in one move, more than once. (Yes, you read correctly. During one move, a blister is formed, bursts open and the skin peels back. It’s horrible.) I’m actually worried that if I go to get a pedicure, the ladies will think Boyfriend tortures me. That and I’m worried they’ll want to use callus remover on my hard earned calluses!!! 

It’s full contact. And I’ve been loving it!


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