Learning to “Sit”

One of the moves that has impressed me the most in every class I attend is the Pole Sit. It’s technically a “rest” move or “transitional” move for when you’re up on the pole doing something else. It doesn’t look like it hurts. It does, it hurts very much.

Basically what you do is pike your legs as straight as you can, usually crossing one foot over the other to be able to shift your weight to one side of your crossed thighs. Imagine sitting on the ground, with your legs straight in front of you, then cross one ankle over the other, but keep your legs straight, and sit up as straight as you can. Now, squeeeeeze your thighs together. Uncomfortable, right? 

Now imagine you’re up in the air (me, not so high, I’m still learning) squeezing your thighs with a 2 inch diameter steel pole between them holding the entire weight of you up. 

“Burning” is how the other dancers and Boss-Mom described it; agony is a more appropriate adjective. The skin on my thighs felt like fire and the muscles of my inner thighs were shrieking. Even now, the next day, a full 12 hours later, THEY STILL ARE. 

The skin feels raw, the muscles are making me very aware of them. 

Last night, only holding my Pole Sit for a few seconds, I had to give myself a little credit. It was my first time doing that move! I have to be nicer to myself, more encouraging! The other girls in my class have been at the Beginner 2 levels for months longer than I have, some even longer! AND IT’S NOT A COMPETITION!!

I’m doing my best to draw inspiration from my fellow Pole Class sisters, instead of cultivating envy at their bodies and abilities. We all have our strengths, I’m just slower to build mine. And that needs to be ok. 

The one thing I will say, I don’t stop trying. No matter how difficult the move is, I haven’t ever said “Oh I can’t do that” and stopped. I may look stupid, I may not get my legs up the way they’re supposed to, my abs may be weak, my arms might be noodles, but I’m gonna keep trying. Because I know in the end, it’s going to feel so good when I can do those moves!


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