Boyfriend has been bugging himself to start this “online savings” thingy. Today he started one.
One of the goals he set was “Future with (Me)” which was nice to hear and see.
Naturally the conversation turned to wedding, marriage, babies etc.

He is dead set on being financially prepared before having a kid. No exceptions, which makes me panic because that is TOTALLY TEMPTING FATE, dude!!!

He brought up the option of vasectomy. He’d brought it up before but I thought he was kidding. He’s not. A Vasectomy can be outpatient and fairly cheap plus they can be reversed.

I started to panic. “What if we are financially where you want to be and suddenly we find out that my body has decided not to cooperate???”

“Then we get another puppy” was his response.

Part of me is relieved not to have that pressure on, and we also agreed that Baby Talk before we’re Married is TOO much pressure. And we gave ourselves a 5 year revisit date. September 2018 we will revisit the Baby Thing.

My mother won’t be happy, but I feel better.

Additionally, Boyfriend has stated that we’ll probably be engaged within a year.



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