MAKE the change

I suffer from depression. I’ve been a Prozac Princess for several years now, and not everyone wants to be medicated but you know what? It’s helped me and that’s all I can attest to.

It’s an option. It’s something to consider. It’s not the ONLY method of changing your life.

But you have to choose to change.

There’s a gal at the Cubicle Farm who always is in crisis mode. Not like MANIC CRISIS, but depressive crisis. There’s never anything good happening. Or if there is, it’s few and far between. 

Her 8 year relationship (the worst part? They BOTH work in my Cubicle Farm….UGH) has deteriorated past the point of reconcile. She’s allowed herself to become totally dependent on the guy, she doesn’t have a car or any other means of getting herself around anywhere. She doesn’t have any friends other than the people she can talk to at work, the others are on HIS side (even before there was trouble, they hated her) and make it really uncomfortable and in my eyes a hostile environment for her. The Managers at the Cubicle Farm are ineffectual at curtailing this behavior to the point that it feels like they just don’t give a shit. 

So yeah, she’s at a crossroads that she’s been at for A FREAKIN’ YEAR or TWO. She hasn’t been willing to do anything other than complain about her life. I have done my best to keep her at a distance, but she’s persistent! 

She’s planning on finally getting herself a vehicle and moving out. Good for her, right? Yes it is. Is she making noises that she wants to move into MY house with Boyfriend and me? YES SHE IS.

That’s not happening. I’m not having it. She’s far too much drama and unwilling to be active to change it. That’s one thing. 

Having terrible situations happen, it’s happens to everyone. It’s OK TO BE DEPRESSED OR WALLOW about it! I’m a true believer in a good wallow. But eventually, ya gotta get outta the bath!

You have to do something about your situation. You can’t just allow it to continue if you have a choice in the matter! Things that you CAN change and WANT to change, YOU SHOULD TRY TO CHANGE!

(I’m also not saying that it has to be done alone; but LEARN TO READ YOUR FRIENDS/SUPPORT TEAM. If you have come to understand that their lives are in a crappy spiral, don’t add your crap to their mix! That’s one lightening fast way to get yourself labeled as Toxic and cut off from their lives. Which is what I’m in the process of doing with this chick.)

There’s no guarantee you’ll successfully pull yourself out of whatever funk you’re in or whatever bullshit relationship or situation you find yourself in. But whatever terrible that is happening to you will never get fucking better if you don’t do anything to help yourself. 

That’s just science.


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