Faux wants to get rid of the dog now too

It’s been almost 2 weeks since Baby Nephew was born. Have I been over since the day I helped them bring him home? Nope. Have I been invited over? Nope.

Faux had “had it” with Chatty living with them, so Brother put her in a hospice but couldn’t move Chatty’s dog into the hospice because the dog is too old, blind, deaf, etc and she’d be a liability to the other hospice guests. 

Brother just sent an email stating that the dog “must find a new home” because of the noise the dog makes on the wood and tile floor (UMMM SORRY IT’S A DOG WITH CLAWS THAT CLACK ON THE FLOOR AND SHE’S OLD SO SHE FALLS OVER SOMETIMES) and because Faux has “too much on her hands with an infant and can’t deal with” the dog anymore.

Excuse me…the dog sleeps all day. The dog needs to be let out into the backyard and fed. She doesn’t require tons of attention. I found if you walk around the backyard with her, she doesn’t bark or anything. 

I’m also pretty sure that newborn babies sleep, feed, and poop. THE END. What’s this “hands full” Brother is talking about??? She feeds the baby, she holds the baby, she could walk around outside in the backyard with the baby while the dog is outside. 

I’m really getting angry again at Faux. She managed to get Chatty, Brother’s mother out of her house and now she’s going to have Chatty’s dog put out too. Or worse, put down

WHAT HAPPENED TO BROTHER?!?! What happened to his balls??? When did it become ok for Faux to UNILATERALLY call the shots in that house????


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