There’s supposed to be a baby

There’s supposed to be a baby today.

But it’s looking less and less likely my new nephew will be born today. He’s already grounded, according to Brother, for being 2 weeks later than his original due date.

I keep telling Brother “He’ll come when it’s time, stop apologizing for your first born not being born yet!!” 

Brother and Faux were scheduled to have her induced this morning at 7 am. The hospital called and wouldn’t you know it? There was a mass influx of preggos last night and they are OVER BOOKED. Which sounds hilarious. But for a VEEEERY pregnant Faux, it’s not so funny.

So they’ve been bumped down to a 3pm start time. Which means my new baby nephew could be born any time tonight or tomorrow. 

Faux is terrified because “it’s going to hurt”…NO DUH, where did you think the baby was coming out??? I swear, sometimes I think she’s joking only to get some attention. Both Brother and I have told her over and over that the epidural will make it juuuuuusssst fine, as long as they give it to her in time. 

Faux is also being a crazy person, wanting to do CHORES and LIFT STUFF. Last night, Brother actually barked at her for wanting to take out the garbage instead of sitting the f*ck down and relaxing. I couldn’t help but laugh.

I know she’s scared, I would be too. She’s LOVED being pregnant, LOVED it! She keeps saying it! She even wants to be pregnant again by Christmas! Brother just rolls his eyes at that and starts mumbling about his bank account. Poor Brother.

In the meantime, I sit in my house, trying desperately to cool off from the scorching weather while I watch my phone intently for any news of anything “crowning”.



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