Change: It’s Inevitable.

There’s been quite the kerfluffle at Brother’s house. Faux is 9 months + preggo, and nesting like a fiend. Well, during one of Faux’s cleaning tears, she came across a credit card statement of my stepmother (Brother’s mother), Chatty’s. 

There were $7,300 worth of iTunes charges. Panicking, Faux showed Brother, they both thought “this MUST be fraud!” but when Brother talked to Chatty about it, the truth came out. She’d been buying “chips” to play free casino games for about 6 months. Not just the small amounts, oh no, she was buying the $99 promo amounts. Over and over. She’d been successfully hiding the statements until Faux found one. 

Faux freaked. She considers it to be a major violation of her trust, and she’s right. Except that it’s Chatty’s card, not Brother and Faux’s. Well, apparently part of the deal of having Chatty move in with them was that she would help out financially with little things. Buying the extra paper towels she needs, buying the dog food for the family dog she brought with her. Little things, understandable things. Apparently Chatty has not been helping out like she said she would, and that credit card bill is most likely why.

With Faux so busting with pregnancy, Baby is overdue by 2 weeks, Brother had to make the hard decision to put Chatty into some other sort of housing. He called me and we both googled until we could google no more and found a house near his home that acts as a long term care/hospice facility. He and Chatty’s best friend (an Aunt of ours) went to check it out and were pleased. They took Chatty over to check it out, and she didn’t hate it.

Well, she doesn’t want to go. She was afraid to be put in a “home”, medical nursing home, rather. Having seen this place and understanding that yes it has medical staffing, but it’s a HOUSE. It doesn’t smell weird like a nursing home or hospital so that helped. And because it’s a house, Brother and Faux can bring the family dog over to visit, and the newborn baby! Which is good.

But the reality is, that house is probably where Chatty will pass on. It’s depressing and heartbreaking. But that’s the truth. 


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