I can’t say I didn’t offer

Hat is a douchebag.

I try, really hard to keep an open mind. But the man is a douchebag! I decided to text him and tell him I’d like to help him with his marriage to Pretty, one my longest and best friends; I told him that even Boyfriend would be willing to listen if that’s what he needs. I’m trying to help the dude! He caused a major rift in his marriage and isn’t doing the right things to fix it!! 

Pretty has started going to counseling, BY HERSELF, instead of both of them going to Marriage Counseling together. And while I’m glad Pretty is going at all, I really wish they had both decided to go! Hat needs to be told he’s acting like a selfish, short-sighted prick!!

Now, I wasn’t going to tell him that initially, when I offered to help him. I do want to hear his side of things, even though I know he’s wrong and a jerk and a douche. I want to hear his side so I can say I made a sound decision on which side I back. Though I already know I back Pretty, it’s just what best friends do. Even if she’s wrong, I’ll support her. I’ll tell her she’s wrong, but I’ll support her in her wrong-ness. 

But the douchebag declined!!! Can you believe him??? He actually said “It’s too complicated to answer that easily” when I asked him if things had improved between them after he thanked me for offering but that he was “okay”. I mean REALLY DUDE???talk to your wife daily, I KNOW what’s going on over there! 

GAH! Whatever, right? I mean, it’s not my marriage. But it’s Pretty’s and I want her to be happy. Which she really REALLY isn’t. And she’s thinking about an annulment (married under false pretenses) or a straight divorce. I wish Hat would wake up and realize HE NEEDS ALL THE HELP HE CAN GET if he doesn’t want one of those two outcomes. Who better to help him than the person she’s been best friends with for nearly 20 years??? (oooh oof I’m old)


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