In the continued Saga of Pretty and Hat; we come to the impending nuptials of Amazing and Beautiful.

Amazing and Beautiful got engaged last year in a perfectly orchestrated surprise proposal. They are both the most incredible people, they suit one another perfectly. Because they are friends with Hat and Pretty, they asked if Hat and Pretty would officiate their wedding. Without consulting his wife, Pretty, Hat gave a resounding “YES OF COURSE!” This all happened shortly after Hat declared that he was Atheist. Pretty, of course, is Spiritual. So being asked to officiate a wedding means something Spiritual to her.

Hat is being “ordained” by The Church of The Dude. Beautiful has expressed her delight at this. Since Amazing and Beautiful aren’t particularly Spiritual, and their wedding will be a quirky one (it’s going to be SO FUN) it fits with the motif. But Pretty is…well, she isn’t going to officiate anymore. When I asked her about it, Pretty told me that she hadn’t told the Bride yet.

Whaaaaaaaaaaa??? We are less than 2 months away from the wedding date, Hat and Pretty are still up as Curators/Officiants on the wedding website for Amazing and Beautiful! From the conversations I’ve been having with Pretty, she has NO INTENTION of telling them she’s not doing it! She says she told Hat to do it, and he whined “What am I supposed to tell them???” and she said to “tell them whatever” he wanted to tell them.

SO NOW I’m in a terrible position of knowing some pertinent information regarding the wedding of a dear friend, wanting to tell that dear friend but feeling like it would be out of order. I fully believe the dropping out responsibility lays squarely on the shoulders of Pretty and Hat; but I also am fairly certain that neither of them is going to suck it up and tell Beautiful and Amazing that Pretty won’t be officiating their wedding with Hat.

I’M SO CONFLICTED!! Do I tell Amazing and Beautiful what I know? Do I push Pretty to do so herself? (which is what I’d really prefer) Or do I push Pretty to push Hat to tell them himself???

In the end, does it really matter where the information comes from? Isn’t it more important that the Bride and Groom have the information so they can make changes to their wedding, if they choose to, before it’s too late??? 


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