Bullet: dodged!

I feel like I’ve been holding my breath all morning long.

After consulting friend after friend, I wound up texting Hat and asking if he had told Beautiful and Amazing that Pretty wouldn’t be officiating. He texted back that he was “not comfortable with this conversation” (but uh, TOO FREAKING BAD DUDE, I gotta KNOW!! I don’t want to spill beans that I’m not responsible for!) but that he had told them that neither of them would be able to officiate and that Amazing and Beautiful had understood and had already found a replacement. So, it’s all sorted!

But the website still has Pretty and Hat as The Curators/Officiators. With the wedding date looming, I’m sure it’s just slipped their minds.

BUT I AM SO RELIEVED that I didn’t have to be the one to tell them. That it was all done without me whatsoever! In reality, I know that it never had anything to do with me. But for some reason I felt compelled. Wacky!


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