Last night as we were laying in bed, Boyfriend mused about some sort of online bank account that has no physical bank or something, and it comes out automatically or something. Honestly, my sleep aid was kicking in so I wasn’t really paying too much attention. He mentioned about “setting goals” so I asked “what kind of goals, babe? This kind of goal???” and waggled my left hand ring finger at him and giggled. He rolled his eyes and smiled.

So I took the shot. I asked “Would you be ok with talking about rings right now?” and to my GIDDY SHOCK, he said “Sure!”

I quickly pulled up my super-secret Pinterest board to show him styles of rings I’d been looking at. Much to my surprise, he pulled up the browser on HIS phone and started looking at jewelry store websites. We talked about settings, stones, diamond vs. gemstone (which I’m totally ok with!) and styles and I showed him a couple of the man rings I was leaning toward. At the end of the conversation, he looked at me and said “You know, I’m going to get you the ring I’m going to get you.” and I said “And I will love it and cherish it forever, I just am showing you the style I think would suit me.”

It’s maybe the second time we’ve had an actual conversation about wedding stuff that didn’t stem from him reluctantly talking about it. (He was married before and the divorce made him a little bitter about the whole thing.) I have been trying to lay off the wedding stuff, but it’s hard when Pinterest exists! When I start to feel the urge to talk about it too much, I sanction myself against Pinterest entirely until that feeling passes.

Limits, y’all. 


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