Careful with that

So Boyfriend has been quitting smoking by using electronic cigarettes. It involves flavored tinctures that range from regular brand cigs or flavors like cherry, etc. With the most recent kit, there was a Nicotine tincture. Apparently it is a full strength tincture. All Nicotine. WHICH CAN KILL YOU.

Case in point. Boyfriend filled his eCig and puffed away a bit. Coughed a little (common with quitting smoking, period) and got up to go towards the bathroom.

Well, he passed out before he got there. I heard the thuds as he bounced off wall and door frame before smacking his noggin on the floor. I’m so glad I had taken the random weekday off to spend the day with Boyfriend!

When I got to him, he was convulsing slightly (like a sleeper jerking themselves awake gently), face down on the floor, making a weird noise. I turned him over and was trying to asses any injury. He had a teeny cut above his right eyebrow and was barely bleeding. As I sat him up, his eyes were dilated and he was drooling a little. Internally I was freaking out.

As I called his name, he started to focus on me. His pupils went back to normal and he mumbled “What happened?” I relayed as much as I knew and watched as his skin started resembling a squeezed sponge. Seriously, sweat was instantly ALL OVER him. He looked like he’d been sprayed down. 

I helped him into the shower to rinse off, I shoved a Glucose Tablet (he’s hypoglycemic so we have that on hand) in his face, then made him sit down on the couch and not move. I went and got him a giant sandwich and resolved that THE PLANS FOR THE DAY HAVE UNEQUIVOCALLY CHANGED to “sitting around the house and not doin’ a damn-thing”.

Turns out, he probably overdid the Nicotine tincture. I insisted he empty out the cartridge (which he did before I’d even mentioned it) and put that particular liquid aside until we could google some more about it. Because THAT STUFF CAN KILL YOU.

Luckily, he’s fine now. But HOLY BALLS DID HE SCARE ME! 


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