Standby Sister

My brother’s mother, my stepmother – a formerly incredible chatterbox, Chatty, is dying. Actively. She’s suffering from ALS. It’s been slowly robbing her of her ability to speak, to move, to eat. It’s horrific and painful. She’s wasting away, slowly losing her mind. It’s a fate I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

A few months ago, at Faux’s insistence,  Brother and Faux moved Chatty in to their house in order to improve her living situation (that’s a whole ‘nother post). Since then, Faux has completely transformed into a Raging Bitch who screams and slams doors. Poor Brother. He is a Saint. Chatty has 10 hours of caregivers, but then the rest is up to Brother. Yes she can still shuffle/walk, she can pull up and push down particular pairs of shorts or pants to use the restroom. But she really can’t do much for herself. She’s got a feeding tube in her belly. The liquid nutrition that has to be put into it via plunger/syringe without the needle smells rank.

Chatty also came with the little family dog, Adorable. Adorable is pushing 14 and is basically blind and we’re pretty sure she had a stroke a few years ago. NONE of us can even bear the THOUGHT of putting Adorable down. It’s just not happening, if she leaves this world and goes to The Rainbow Bridge, she’s doing according to Plan.

Faux, as I said, is pregnant. But not just pregnant. Violently pregnant. Before, when Brother first brought Faux around, I thought “oh this won’t last, she’s too stupid” and while I was right on the latter, well – there’s no accounting for taste. Now that she’s pregnant, she’s completely lost her grip on her humanity. She yells daily, she slams doors and is completely unreasonable to deal with.

She and I had a run in (again, probably a different post) where she yelled at me (for nothing) and true to form, I yelled back.

Her face. Her face when I yelled back! While I know it probably caused some stress to Brother, her face showed that nobody had yelled back at her yet. I wasn’t going to let her get away with abysmal behavior just because she is pregnant. 

Needless to say, I’m persona non grata at that house for the moment. Much to the dismay of Brother. Who needs help!! Last night, he texted me that he needed me to go check on Chatty. He assured me that Faux was out for her regular Monday Girls Night (they watch The Bachelorette… that really says volumes) so it was “safe” to go in and check on Chatty and have a little visit without making it seem like babysitting. Chatty still has her pride. She can’t walk more than 1 step without the aid of a walker or person, but she insists she doesn’t need 24 hour care. 
Today, Brother sent up a text flare again. He needed someone to hang out with Chatty until one of the could get home. Naturally, I jumped to help. But had to be sure that Faux wouldn’t be there, or try to figure out when she would be home so I could get outta there without incident.
That bugs me. I really want Faux to snap out of this. It’s detrimental to Chatty’s health, hell it’s detrimental to the health of EVERYONE IN THAT HOUSE! It’s hard to know what to do, other than be supportive and try and stay out of the way.
I’m on constant Standby, waiting for the baby to be born and the scramble to take care of Faux, Brother and Baby AND make sure Chatty has someone to take care of her when the caregivers aren’t there. (Trust, we’ve all tried to convince her to extend the hours of the caregivers but she doesn’t want to spend the money…it’s a whole big thing) The next 29 days are going to be tense.

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