He doesn’t always stay out all night. But when he does? I feel like crap.

Last night, Boyfriend mentioned that he “might” be going to hang out with his little sister, Smartie (she’s super duper smart, guys) who I’ve met and think is awesome. Do I have any idea if she thinks I’m awesome, not really but that’s ok. She’s only met me the once.

Well, I had to go to bed because my job is terrible and forces me to get up and go to it before the sun comes up. Not even kidding. (1st world problems or not, that sucks) I woke up this morning with the television still on, no Boyfriend and no dog

He left me a note on the fridge to let me know he’d gone to Smartie’s and that he had the dog, Puppy. But I still feel like crap. I’m really annoyed with myself about it.

To make it worse? Boyfriend ALSO texted me this morning, apologizing for falling asleep at Smartie’s house and letting me know again that he had Puppy. 

Why why WHY do I still feel like crap???hate that I’m “That girl” now; the one that needs her dude and dog to sleep well at night. I’m used to being independent!!! I think I’m going to have to face up to the fact that…I need him. 

We’ve already established we’re in love with each other, but I was really hoping not to need him. But apparently I do. Or maybe it’s just the PMS. I’m gonna have something fried or chocolate and get a back to you.


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