It was delicious for 5 minutes

Last night Boyfriend and I went to Costco where he purchased a juicer. After spending $176 on the juicer and associated fruits and vegetables, we came home where he gleefully tore open the juicer and began shoving anything and everything that could be juiced into it.

He hummed a jaunty tune as he dropped carrots, ginger and apples into the klunky machine, then re-pressed the shavings to “maximize the juice”. It took at least an hour. The resulting liquid transferred into a giant spigot spouted liquid container he’d been using for incredibly murkey iced tea. (I made him clean it out first.)

With a huge smile and yummy noises, he shoved the glass under my face and made me drink it. It was great! Needed to be chilled, but great! It also needed pineapple. He rolled his eyes and scoffed at me as he plopped the large container just over half full of fresh juice into the fridge, then gulped down the glass.

After about 20 minutes, I was wiped and ready to go lie down, but thought “milk! That’s what I want to drink!”. I opened the fridge.

Bright orange liquid was everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Apparently upon closing the fridge door, somehow something activated the spigot on the juice container. At least half of the stuff had dribbled, splashed and swirled it’s way from the top shelf of the fridge and was pooling deeply under the bottom vegetable drawer. I couldn’t even speak. I gasped, which of course made Boyfriend ask “What’s wrong???” All I could do was step aside and let him see.

Oh the mess. The mess was…a mess. We spent the over an hour and a half cleaning the refrigerator, using up the last of the paper towels. The entire roll. Just as we were upside-ing the whole of the situation, I closed the fridge door and noticed the bright orange on the floor, under the fridge. 

Another 45 minutes later, at midnight, we have a clean fridge and a clean floor under and behind the fridge.

And less than 2 glasses of juice left to show for it all. 

Boyfriend may have shed a tear.


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